NFT Based Blockchain Game

As we all know, or at least for those who have heard about Cryptocurrency, the most likely development in the near future for Blockchain is integration of gaming and NFT.

NFT-based Blockchain gaming looks ready to rule in 2022, and the recent change in direction towards the utility of NFT in P2E gaming will make blockchain gaming a favorite sector of the year, for sure.

DeFi has had its fame and fortune, then it is now tme for the Nonfungible Token (NFT) to rise and shine, and surprisingly, NFT came into the spotlight with the highest volume sales, which was achieved in early January 2022.

While 2021 will be the year of NFT, the GameFi app has already surpassed DeFi in terms of popularity for its users. Using data from DappRadar, Bloomberg says: “Nearly 50% of active cryptocurrency wallets connected to Decentralized Apps (dAppp) in November were for gaming. The percentage of wallets associated with decentralized finance applications, or DeFi, dropped to 45% over the same period, after months of being in the forefront.”

Blockchain game, the play-to-earn game Axie infinity, is skyrocketing and kicking off a game mania that is expected to continue throughout 2022. Crypto pundits and game proponents have high hopes for p2e blockchain based gaming and there will surely be some giants who will dominate the sector. Let’s take a look at five blockchain games that could make huge waves in 2022.

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