Galaxy Fight Club

Ever imagined taking a proof-of-picture (pfp) NFT and turning it into an avatar to fight other fighters in other galaxies? Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) is a blockchain game that turns a collection of 10,000 avatars into the first cross-brand and cross-platform PvP fighting game. Players can fight with their collection of avatars. Focused on interoperability, GFC uniquely places a high value on its original fighters, but allows other avatars to fight for a chance to be rewarded.

The game is expected to launch on the Polygon network and will feature different themes from various collections of partners such as Animetas and CyberKongz. It puts forward its cross-platform integration. GFC plays on the nostalgia of SuperSmash Bros., with the difference that fighters fight for keys to open gift boxes instead of just killing each other. GFC is currently in beta testing, and faces minor setbacks, including a pending IDO. As of right now, it’s unclear when public access will be available, but many are hoping for a Q1 2022 launch.

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