Professional Crypto Trading Platform

As market recognition for the prospect of crypto futures grows, the competition for derivatives platforms has only increased. With intensified competition, CoinEx has recognized the need to continue differentiating itself to support the growing market. The team has since pinpointed a gap in the market from the common misconception that a product could either be simple and easy to use or professional and secure.

With an updated slogan of “making crypto trading easier,” it is only fitting that the platform aims to address these concerns by offering easy-to-use futures products that can reduce the threshold for entering the market. Effectively, this will reposition crypto futures trading away from the realm of professional traders. The simplicity will then become evident through easy operations, convenient order placement, clear position information and an altogether smooth process from the opening to the closing of a position. Additionally, all features, including take-profit (TP) and stop-loss (SL) orders, futures calculators and one-click liquidation, which support ongoing management, are available via the single access point of CoinEx futures.

Although simple to use, CoinEx offers wide functionality with access to more than 100 futures markets, providing users with the ability to trade both linear contracts and inverse contracts, both of which exist in multiple trading pairs. The platform also looks at a pricing mechanism original to their offering, Mark Price, to determine the futures price on the most well-known platforms to protect investors from abnormal market swings and futures mechanisms, such as the Insurance Fund and Auto-Deleveraging (ADL), to eliminate clawback for liquidation.

With an increasingly global presence across over 200 countries and regions, CoinEx futures is now positioned as a well-rounded offering complete with linear and inverse futures contract markets and support for up to 100x leverage. CoinEx users may also benefit from additional releases from the last 12 months, including take-profit, stop-loss, close all and a profit and loss (PNL) analysis of futures within 180 days.

As the platform continues to develop, its offering proves well-equipped to make derivatives trading easier for all.

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