Guild of Guardians

The community behind Guild of Guardians, an NFT-based role-playing game, seems enthusiastic about the upcoming title after they snatched almost all of the NFT that was part of the so-called founder sale. Since going live earlier this week, NFT Guild of Guardians sales have raised more than $3 million, the company announced Wednesday. The title raised $2 million in the founder’s first hour of sales and $2.8 million in a 24-hour span.

Guild of Guardians was highly anticipated games based on Blockchain in 2022. It is based on ImmutableX. The first layer-2 solution on Ethereum that designed to empower NFT. For the purpose of gaining more access, it operates as a free mobile RPG game using a play-to-earn mechanism.

Just like Axie Infinity, in-game assets Guild of Guardians can be traded. The project appears to be appealing to gamers and also investors with the sale of the NFT founder’s token and other NFT launches bringing in nearly $10 million. Launched in October 2021, the Guild of Guardians (GOG) token is an ERC-20 token known as a ‘gem’ in the game. Gems are a key in-game power feature, like mint-in-game NFT, can interact with the market, and can be earned as you play.

During previous months, the Guild of Guardians tokens have performed very well, hitting $2.81. Even though the token is down nearly 50% from ATH (All Time High), currently some community members are looking forward to possiblity of staking and liquidity pooling, which are some features that are likely to help stabilize the token price.

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