The excitement of the metaverse is undeniable. Decentraland as a metaverse in the crypto-blockchain world recorded a very significant achievement. The following data can be a fundamental reference regarding MANA crypto tokenomics, including threats to Decentraland from large companies, namely the Meta Platform itself through Horizon Worlds and Microsoft’s Mesh which soon will be launched by Microsoft Teams.

Can Decentraland value holds?

If Decentraland’s achievement is one of the foundations and fundamentals of MANA’s price in the future, thanks to the “Fame” of the metaverse, then MANA crypto could have a sound basis this year, separates itself from other cryptocurrencies which already in the field,, such as The Sandbox (SAND) and Axie Infinity Shard (AXS). Talking about market opportunities, according to Grayscale, Metaverse can contribute revenue of around US $ 1 trillion per year, competing with the value of companies in the Web 2.0 category, which is US $ 15 trillion. Metaverse, combined with crypto, blockchain, NFT, DeFi and others in a decentralized world is predicted to be part of the third wave of the world wide web, the Web 3.0. And to excels in this increasingly fierce competition, of course, shall depend on the expertise of the Decentraland team itself to attract more famous brands into its metaverse.

In the meantime, the world is waiting for a metaverse breakthrough from the Meta Platform itself (Horizon Worlds), as a pioneer with bigger capital. Not to mention the preparation of the Microsoft (Mesh)-style metaverse, which developed by the experts from Microsoft Teams. nVidia is also preparing to enter the metaverse business with the launch of the Omniverse software. This tool allows creators of 3D images to share their experience, and hold a meeting in the virtual world. Other big players who are more experienced and have huge capital are a threat to Decentraland. Animoca Brands, the company behind The Sandbox is also engaging in experiments to join this new world.

Investment in Decentraland (MANA)