Dapps Ethereum

Dapps is a term in the world of cryptocurrencies. An abbreviation of Decentralized Applications, Dapps can literally be interpreted as decentralized applications. Dapps are digital programs or applications that are active and work on a blockchain or P2P computer network. So Dapps doesn’t work on a single computer. Dapps are beyond the control and authority of individuals. Within Dapps is a centralized network containing a mix of interfaces and smart contracts. Ethereum smart contracts are transparent and accessible to anyone. In Dapps, the system is more open. So smart contracts that other people have created before can also be accessed by anyone who accesses Dapps.

Characteristics of Dapps

An application can be said to be decentralized and is included in the Dapps category if it has several characteristics. Among others are:

Decentralized. This means that the application is not centralized. It runs independently, without any group controlling the application.

Same function. These applications perform similar functions, even if they are on different networks or environments. So that everything that is connected will be interconnected.

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